Competition Program 2016

A mandatory requirement of this year competition to all groups is the performance of any

piece by S.Prokofiev (can be miniatures, arrangements, and parts of the sonatas) in the first round.
For the Quartets at least one movement from one of the Quartets by  S.Prokofiev .


Junior Group under 17

Rounds I:

а) Any Lyrical  Piece at Participant’s choice:

E. Bloch - improvisation

G.Venyavskiy - Legenda

F.Veracini  - Largo

А. Glazunov - «Meditation»

A.Glazunov - Adagio from Ballet «Raimonda»

R. Gliere - Romance

D. Kabalevskiy - «Impravisation»

N. Paganini - Cantabile»

S. Rachmaninov - Romance

S. Rachmaninov - Vocalise

P.Tchaykovsky – Melodiy
P.Tchaykovsky – Song without Words

К  Shimanovsky - Nocturne

D.Shostakovich - А. Tsyganov Andantino

F. Chopin –L.Auer - «Nocturne»

R. Shchedrin - «In Style of Albeniz»

or alternative lyrical piece.

 b) Virtuoso Piece — One at Participant’s choice:

B. Bartok - Six Romanian Folk Dances;

S. Berio - Ballet Scene;

H. Wieniawski - Scherzo - Tarantella;

T. Vitali - Chaconne (Charlier);

A. Vieuxtemps - Ballade and Polonaise;

A. Vieuxtemps - Fantasia - Appassionata;

A. Vieuxtemps - Rondino;

F. Kreisler - Siciliana and Rigodon (in the style of Francoeur);

F. Kreisler - Prelude and Allegro (in the style of Pugnani);

N. Paganini – Sonatina No 12;

F. Ries – Perpetual Motion;

P. Sarasate - Introduction and Tarantell;

E. Zimbalist - The Golden Cockerel fantasia;

G. Ernst - Fantasia brilliante on themes from Rossini `s Otello;

 or alternative virtuoso piece. 

Round II:

One of violin concerto with orchestra, with piano accompaniment  (Mov. I or movements   II and   III) at Participant’s choice:

M. Bruch  Concerto

H. Wieniawski – Concerto No 2;

G. Viotti – Concerto No 22;

A. Vieuxtemps - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (the participant `s choice) Concerto No 5 (full);

D. Kabalevsky - Concerto;

E. Lalo - Spanish Symphony ,

F. Mendelssohn - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra;

C. Saint-Saens – Concerto No 3;

A. Khachaturian - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra;

L. Spohr – Concerto No 2;

or alternative concerto

Senior Group between 17 through 35:

Round I:

a) J.-S.Bach – Solo, at Participant’s choice:

Sonata No. 1 (in G Minor, BWV 1001);
Adagio and Fugue   

Sonata No. 2 (in A Minor, BWV 1003);
Grave and Fugue

Sonata Number 3 (in C Major, BWV 1005);
Adagio and Fugue

Partita Number.1 (B minor, BWV 1002);
Allemande and Double, Courante and Double
Sarabande and Double, Tempo Di Borea and Double  

Partita Number 2 (in D Minor, BWV 1004)

Any two movements  (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue )  or 

Partita Number 3 (in E Major, BWV 1006).
Any three movements ( Prelude, Loure, Gavotte and Rondo, Minuet I, II, Bouree, Gigue)

b) N.Paganini – any of twenty-four Caprices for Solo.

 Round II:

a) Sonatas — One at Participant’s choice:

L. Beethoven - all 10;

J. Brahms – No 1, 2, 3;

R. Schumann - No1, 2, 3;

B. Bartok – No 1, 2;

C. Debussy;

M. Ravel;

S. Prokofiev – No 1, 2;

S. Frank;

D. Shostakovich;

L. Janacek;

K. Szymanowski;

M. Vainberg - No 2;

A. Schnittke - No 1, 2.

or alternative sonata

 b) Miniature at Participant’s choice, solo or with piano accompaniment (transcriptions are allowed).


c) Virtuoso Piece — One at Participant’s choice:

B. Bartok – Rhapsody No 1, 2;

 F. Waxman – Carmen Fantasy;

H. Wieniawski - Polonaise in D Major, A Major;

H. Wieniawski - Variations on an Original Theme;

H. Wieniawski - Variations on themes from Gounod`s Faust;

P. Sarasate - Carmen, Basque Capriccio;

E. Hubay - Carmen;

E. Ysaye –  Any  of  6 Sonatas   solo;

N. Paganini - Palpiti, the Witches ` Dance;

M. Ravel - Gypsy;

C. Saint-Saens - Rondo Capriccioso, Havanaise, Etude in the Form of a Waltz;

P. Tchaikovsky - Valse-Scherzo;

E. Chausson - Poem;

F. Schubert - Rondo.

 or alternative virtuoso piece. 

Round III:

One of Concerts at Participant’s choice: 

L.v. Beethoven;

J. Brahms;

A. Glazunov;

A. Dvorak;
E. Lalo - Spanish Symphony (all parts);

F. Mendelssohn;

N. Paganini - 1;

Prokofiev - 1, 2;

J. Sibelius;


Shostakovich - 1,

 All works chosen by Participants  except sonatas must be performed by memory.



Junior Group under 16:

Round I:

 Any of mandatory quartets:

J. Haydn Quartet Op.20 №1 E-flat major.

J. Haydn Quartet Op.20 №2 C-dur

J. Haydn Quartet Op.20 №3 g-moll.

J. Haydn Quartet Op.20 №4 D-dur

J. Haydn Quartet Op.20 №5 f-moll.

J. Haydn Quartet Op.20 №6 A-dur.


Mozart Quartet №14 G-dur., (KV387)

Mozart Quartet №15 d-moll., (KV421)

Mozart Quartet №16 E-flat major. (KV428)

Mozart Quartet №17 B-dur. (KV458)

Mozart Quartet №18 A-dur. (KV 464)

Mozart Quartet № 19 C-dur (KV 465)


L. v. Beethoven, Quartet № 1 F-dur., Op.18

L. v. Beethoven, Quartet № 2 G-dur.Op.18

L. v. Beethoven, Quartet № 3 D-dur.Op.18

L. v. Beethoven, Quartet № 4 c-mollOp.18

L. v. Beethoven, Quartet № 5 A-dur, Op.18

L. v. Beethoven, Quartet № 6 B-dur, Op.18


Round II:

Any of romantic quartets at Participant’s choice.

 Senior Group between 17 through 35:

Round I:

a) at Participant’s choice:

One complete J.Haydn’s quartet from Op. 20, 33, 50, 64, 76;

Or any L.Beethoven’s quartet from Op. 18;

Or W.-A. Mozart’s:

Quartet No. 14 G-dur, ("Spring"), KV 387 (1782)

Quartet No. 15 d-moll., KV 421 (1783)

Quartet No. 16 E-flat major, KV 428 (1783)

Quartet No. 17 B-dur ("Hunt"), K. 458 (1784)

Quartet No. 18 A-dur., KV 464 (1785)

Quartet No. 19 C-dur. ("Dissonance"), KV 465 (1785) 

b) at Participant’s choice:

A.Borodin – any of string quartets.

P. Tchaikovsky - any of string quartets

A.Glazunov -- any of string quartets

F. Mendelssohn -  any of string quartets.

F. Schubert - any of string quartets: a-moll. "Rosamunde" оп.29, d-moll. «Der Tod und das Madchen», G-dur Op.161.

R. Schumann any of string quartets.

J. Brahms any of string quartets.

C. Debussy string quartet.

E. Grieg quartet g-moll. (№1).

J.M. Ravel  - string quartets

A. L. Dvořák - any of string quartets.

L. Janacek - any of string quartets..

B. Smetana string quartets " From my life". 

Round II:

а) Any from Beethoven Op. 59, 74, 95.

 б) Any from:

B. Bartok - any of string quartets.

S. Prokofiev -  string quartets № №1, 2.

A. Schnittke; - any of string quartets.

D. Shostakovich – Any of the quartets, except №15.

Results of each Round of the Competition will be announced after its completion.